Harlan  HDL-65 Automatic Laminating System

1993 Harlan high speed laminating system. Machine Package consists of (1) Burl Bach semi-automatic board feeder which has a drag chain infeed, scissor lift and fork system for continued feeding between lifts. (10 board cleaner w/motorized brush,(1) board pre-heat station w/IR lights top and bottom,(1) glue flash off station w/ir lights top & bottom,(2) double paper unwinding stations, 1 top 1 bottom, (2) web coaters, (2) flash off stations after web coater,(2) silicone nip rollers heated by IR lights, (2) chrome rollers heated internally with oil and room to expand to (2) more chrome rollers,(2) motorized belt outfeed to stacker,(1) Burl Bach automatic stacker w/drag chain outfeed,(1) Sweed bundle turner for boards up to 5' x 9', (2) 9'w x 7 1/2' l ong sections of motorized roller conveyor w1.5hp motor,90 deg motorized conveyor 5 1/2'w x 10'l  3/4hp motor,(1) 5 1/2'w x 10' conveyor 3/4hp motor,(1) 6'w x 10'l gravity conveyor, all conveyor is heavy duty and mfg by ACSI.Complete with catwalk and estra stairs to surround machine. Wesy Coast. Call For Pricing....